Visual to Digital Artistic Evolution

Inspired visual arts have become a vast part of today’s social culture, it has evolved from motionless artistic expressions to videos, and amateur filmmaking. Today, almost anyone can become a video artist and create content for the world to see. With so many platforms that can be used to share created content online, anyone can become a part of the artist community. What an excellent time to be alive, where everything is accessible and shareable through the internet and online communities.

Visual arts have evolved over the years by being integrated with technology into digital arts, a new way to express creativity with technology being the medium. Thanks to the internet, now anyone can learn to become a digital artist. There are many different types of digital arts that have surfaced through imaginative individuals who use computer programs and technology to express their creativity. These kinds of art expressions range in a wide variety from digital photography, vector drawing, digital collages, to digital videography. Digital art is artistic practices that integrate technology as the creative tool for expression. It has become a trending hobby among young people and retirees.

Many platforms provide hosting for digital artists and their work, and some websites on the internet can be used as educational tools for those with interest in digital arts. The internet provides many ways to learn many skills, and digital art tutorials can be found just about anywhere online, even for free if one knows where to look. Many websites provide tutorials and hands-on training for individuals who are interested in becoming a part of this radical change in the way art is viewed and expressed. Technology has given us the tools to communicate artistic creations in a new and interactive way. The days of still arts and paper creations which can be lost or destroyed have are now replaced with everlasting creations that can be immortalized through technology and the internet.

The most used form of digital art expression today is videography. Video creations of expressions that speak to artistic audiences in a more meaningful and intimate manner. Many programs can be used by artists to fine tune their video creations and create Hollywood worthy video art that anyone willing to learn can achieve. Video editing programs are used to add finishing touches, special effects, and so much more to once dull video artistic expression.

The majority of video editing software can be mastered through tutorials that can be found all over the internet. With so many different video editing software, if someone was to have an interest in becoming a digital video artist how would he or she choose the software that fits his or her needs? Davinci resolve training is provided for those interested in using that program for video editing, a popular program used by video artists.

Browsing through video editing tutorials can also help a future artist decide which program they would use enhance their video art. Many video editing programs provide training for those interested in using them and may also offer them for free. Many others also offer training for those interested in becoming a part of the online video art community which is one of the largest online communities thanks to many platforms that allow for artists to share their video expressions with the world.