Questions You Must Ask Your Wedding Photographer Before Hiring Them

So, your big day is fast approaching. Everything is in place. The attire the bride and groom will wear have been chosen, and the venue set. The only thing missing is a photographer – the one who will immortalize those moments that you hope to cherish forever. If you are in Chicago, then you will realize there is a sea of photographers to choose from. But since this is a special day, you need to ensure you contract the perfect person for the job. Some of the questions you should ask your wedding photographer include:

1. How much do you charge?

This is an important question to ask before you sign a contract. The photographer should break down the budget and tell you if there will be any extra charges. They should make it clear if they will charge for transport to the venue, editing, packaging and other services that may attract additional charges.

2. How many wedding photos have you taken?

When you go online and search for Chicago wedding photographer, many results will spring up. However, what sets good photographers apart is their experience. An experienced wedding photographer knows how to focus on the details. They will capture the most delicate and intimate parts of the wedding. Simply put, an amateur concentrates on capturing the best shots, while a professional dwells on immortalizing the emotions and memories.

3. Do you have a portfolio?

A photographer should be able to produce a portfolio of weddings and events he has covered before. That would give you a glimpse of what to expect for your big day. When you look at the portfolio, you can tell him what you would love replicated in your wedding shots, and what you would want him to change. Think of the portfolio as a resume. It is your way of knowing what the photographer can do.

4. What happens if you have an emergency?

This is an important question that you should never fail to ask. Imagine getting ready on your wedding day, preparing to walk down the aisle, only to learn that your photographer got suddenly sick. What would you do? You probably do not want to think of what you may have to do, and how that would ruin your day. To avoid that, you should discuss with your photographer on the possibility of an emergency, and whether he has a backup plan. Most professional photographers have assistants or someone on standby who can help them when they cannot make it. Make sure the one you plan to hire has such an arrangement.

5. Do you have a contract for me?

Never underestimate the importance of getting a contract from your photographer. They should indicate the services they provide, terms and conditions, and grounds for termination. That way, you have a legal bond that allows you to take action in case the photographer breaks the contract. Always insist on signing an agreement even when you think you trust the photographer. Anything can go wrong, and a contract will shield you from loss.

6. Are you insured?

A wedding is always a buzz of activities. In that commotion, your photographer’s equipment can be stolen or broken. Who pays for that? What happens if your wedding photographer gets injured at your wedding? Those are some of the reasons why you should always ask the company or individual you are contracting if they are insured.